Storage Unit Sizes & Rates

We have a large variety of sizes to fit your needs. A listing of some of the various sizes and current rates is noted below. All of your property which you store in any of our units is insured up to $2,000 free of charge. Please call 907-780-6633 to obtain information on which units are currently available. All storage and office/retail units rates listed include Juneau sales tax of 5%. Office/Retail rates include all utilities except phone and cable.

Prepayment Discounts

All of our storage locations are pleased to offer our customers the option of prepayment discounts. They are as follows: 4 months – 2%; 8 months – 4%; 12 or more months – 6%1. That is a much better return on your money than you will receive at your local or on-line bank.

1 If you pay by credit or debit card, these discounts are reduced by 2%.

Professionally Managed

Our facilities are managed professionally by staff with 40 years’ experience in self-storage.  We make every reasonable effort to keep your belongings secure, to include having cameras in each building that digitally record facility activity. In addition, we provide two services that none of our competition offers:

  1. All of the property that you store in any of our units is insured in case of a catastrophic loss up to $2,000 at no additional charge to you.

  2. We offer prepayment discounts up to 6%.  That is a far greater benefit than you will receive at your local bank on any of your bank accounts.

Please give us a call.  We are happy to help you with all of your storage needs.

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